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Hořovice is natural centre of an area at the border of the Křivoklátské lesy (Forest), the Bohemian Karst and the Podbrdsko Region situated in the Western part of the Central Bohemian Region.



The town is situated at the northern foot of the Central Brdy, an area forms historically an integral part of the so-called. Podbrdsko.

The Hořovice region encompasses about 37 municipalities and by definition it corresponds to the administrative circuit authorized by local authority Hořovice.

Geographical location:

Hořovice lies in Hořovičky hills.
- Latitude: 49 ° 50'8.843 "N
- Longitude: 13 ° 54'5.465 "E
- Altitude:
  361.527 m - Station,
  444 m - Dražovka

The basic characteristics of the city:

· Acreage: 955 ha

· Number of land registers: 2

· Population: 6,851 (as per 19. 11. 2010)

The town crossed the border of 6,000 inhabitants in 1989. The relative proximity of major administrative centers of the Czech Republic (Prague and Pilsen) and an excellent accessibility makes the city more attractive, which is reflected in the increasing population and expanding buildings at the edge of the city. More about the number of inhabitants, streets and addresses find on the web MVČR.



ErbDescription: The shield is vertically divided into two parts, in the right red field, there is half of black uncrowned eagle with golden armor, in left field, there is a silver blue bar.



Name Hořovice meant either village of “Hořových” people (from the name “Hoř”, resulting of shortening of the original “Hořislav” or “Hořimír”) or village of “Horus” people (from the surname “Hora”, contamination of forms “Hořice” and “Hořovice”.)




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