Město Hořovice


Synagogue, (Church of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren)

First of all, six Jewish families moved to the town. In 1873, 78 of total 3,500 inhabitants of Hořovice were Jews. The number had increased to 300 until 1903. Due to a numerous Jewish community in Hořovice, there was founded Israeli Religious Community in 1875, and at the same time there was also founded a prayer hall (a rented room in a house in the town), which served this purpose until 1903. 

A proposal to build a synagogue, which would become a dignified prayer place, came from Julius Bondy, Chairman of the Jewish Religious Community. Until the end of the 19th century, there existed just a project on paper, and it was not until shortly after the beginning of the new century, when substantial steps to proceed the construction were made. Financial contributions for the construction of synagogue delivered primarily members of the Jewish community themselves. However, one of the greatest gifts was contributed by Count William Hanavský, who was a Protestant himself, but he lived in a town with Catholic superiority. His contribution of 500 gulden was enough to purchase a new construction area from Mr. Bedřich Nový.

In 1947, Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren bought it from Jewish Religious Community in Příbram for the amount of 145 000 CZK. As a part of the purchase contract, there was a clause on installation of a commemorative plaque with an indication that the building originally served Jewish worship purposes. The plaque is still placed in interior of the building.  Since 50s of the 20th century, evangelical masses are held in the building of former synagogue.

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