Město Hořovice

Old Chateau

Old Chateau

It is a three-winged building with smooth and compact walls, whose false mansard roof delivers its typical picturesque character. A stone wall surrounds the chateau premises with a garden.

The oldest history of Hořovice Castle, including the period of its foundation and relationship of the manor-house to the subsequent town, remains unclear. We may blame the fire raging in the town in 1540, which burned all the documents related to privileges and rights of the town. It is recognized that back in early 13th century, there was a castle standing on a high promontory above Červený potok (the Red Creek). The time and circumstances of its demolition are not known.  Whole castle used to be protected by a moat, and on the vulnerable northeastern side also by a bulwark. On this side, and on the north-western side, the fortification has been maintained to this day, and it was turned into a garden. In 2010, due to economic measures, the directorate of Hořovice division of VLS was moved back to Jince, where it used to have headquarters 80 years ago. The town of Hořovice expressed an interest in this property.  The purchase contract on this property between the town of Hořovice and the Military Forestry Administration was concluded by the end of 2012.

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