Město Hořovice

Monastic Church of the Most Holy Trinity

Monastic Church of the Most Holy Trinity
 The church located in Hořovice square, was built on expenses of Bernard Ignatius of Martinice, and it was intended for Theatine monastery. In 1684, it started to serve the newly-established Franciscan monastery. Builder of the church was probably Italian architect Carlo Lurago.  The church was finished in 1674, but it was equipped and consecrated in 1697. It is consecrated to the Most Holy Trinity. It is a simple single-nave Baroque monument of relatively austere architectural expression. 

Franciscan Monastery - Hospice

The property, which is in possession of a foundation KONVENT PAX nowadays, was entered into the list of Czech cultural monuments on 3rd May 1958. These premises are used by Elementary School of Arts, which was founded in 1949 as the Town
 Musical Institute, which became Musical School in 1951, later on turned into People's School of Arts (1961) and finally it happened to be Elementary School of Arts (1990). Since the beginning it has carried the name of violin virtuoso Josef Slavík (1806-1833), the first representative of Prague violin school, who was a descendant of important tutor and musical family of Podbrdsko.

Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Loretto

It is a copy of the Holy Home (Casa Sancta) in Italian town Loretto, which was believed to be the home of Virgin Mary while she was living in Nazareth, and that it was moved from Galilee to Italy by angels after the triumph of Islam in the Holy Land.

It is a simple baroque structure with rectangular plan and attic-covered roof set into the center. It was built by Count Bernard Ignatius of Martinice, who was the founder of Loretto Chapel in Slaný in 1657.

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