Město Hořovice

Decanal Church of St. Giles

Decanal Church of St. Giles

            The church was established probably in the first half of the 13th century, at times when the Žirotín family started to reign in Hořovice. The first written record related to this church comes from 1321, Plichta of Žirotín and his brothers Jarek and Habart granted the order of clares in Panenský Týnec with the presentation right of the church in Hořovice.  As a part of the church there were a school and a vicarage. The original building of the church was apparently wooden, but later on, its nave was rebuilt in a simple way without any vaulting and pillars. To this day, a lower part of the tower, a portal between the church space and sacristy, and windows with Gothic arches still preserved from the original Gothic church. Subsequent Baroque adjustments were completed after the death of Bernard Ignatius of Martinice in 1687. Most likely, the original Gothic portal finished its service at that time.

The main altar of the Church of St. Giles and the altar of St. Cross on the north side of the nave come from the second quarter of the 18th century.  Before the middle of the 18th century, the relief of Immaculata was created on the north side of the presbytery. The altar of St. John Nepomuk and the altar of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour are from the mid-18th century.

 The Morgue was built on a place of canceled cemetery by Church of St.  Giles, probably in the same period like monastic Church of the Most Holy Trinity (1674), or when Martinice reconstruction of Decanal Church of St. Giles (1674-1687) took place. It is an oblong building with apse and Baroque shield.   

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